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clari owens

Clari was always a precocious child, the blessing and curse of being an only child of an only child. Joseph was the only child and Sabina wasn't particularly close to her family, so it was just the three of them in their own strange little world. Joe and Sabina were wildly different people: they had wildly divergent interests, but they made it work. They worked to make it work. And they worked to let Clari be her own person. The Owens were never the family that pushed their girl to do anything- she kept herself busy on her own. Like her mother, she had an artistic side, but like her father, she made sure she kept herself well read. She graduated from high school early (via GED) and then... well then, she did nothing.

Clari is a dillatante by it's truest definition. She knows a little about everything, but not a whole lot about anything specific. When high school was over, she started blogging- just random information. Snippets of conversation from what she heard and saw in Chicago, random commentary on things going on in the world. She spent her time out and about, or in front of her computer- writing, chatting, meeting people, finding new music to love. She worked at Argo Tea, a step up from Starbucks in her mind because she didn't smell like coffee all the time. She read a lot. She lived in an apartment in a building her parents owned- making sure the tenants didn't demolish it. Life was good... but she was bored. She had no anchor. She had no reason to stay.

That's when she met Ziggy.

Ziggy. Much like her parents, it wasn't supposed to happen. You don't meet people like him on chatroulette. Chatroulette is where you go when you're bored at 2am and either want to laugh at some nerdy teenager, or rub one out because it's one of those nights. But talking to Ziggy wasn't like that. They talked. And talked. For hours. Just random conversation, about the most random of things. And they just talked. At least that night. It was the next time that she whipped off her shirt and showed him her tattoo - under her tit- because her father would die before he knew she had one. And they kept on talking. And talking became a visit. And a visit became her going on tour with his band. And touring with the band turned into moving to NYC, because Clari couldn't take the distance.

But it's not all flowers and sunshine. When they fought, they fought- but like a firework it was all flash and bang, they worked to make it work. Maybe it would work. Maybe it would all fall apart. Either way, it was one hell of a ride.

Ziggy's long gone, yet, Clari stayed. She found a job she loved, working as a nanny for people who have more money than sense. The schedule isn't bad, and much like in Chicago, the building she lived in is owned by her employer. Plus it gives her time to do her thing...

even the best jobs have to come to an end. once the grandparents of the little girls she nannied for retired - they moved in. which meant clari wasn't needed anymore. she found a job waiting tables at hux & hewes, joining their urban family and taking it as her own. she decided to go back to school - focusing on her writing. she fell in love - got stood up at the altar - picked herself up and started again.

Graduation is done. She's stepped away from her job at hux & hewes to join the real world, working as an editorial assistant at an indie publishing house. she's back trying to figure out the next step. But- the important thing for her is that she's happy. She's got her apartment, her friends, her dog. It's not much, but it's her life, and she loves it. Like all things, she's just in it for the ride.
full name clarissa belle owens nickname clari birth date and age april 28, 1989- 28 place of birth chicago, il current residence bushwick, brooklyn, ny relationship status untethered
loving dog mommy of Maude .




worries that she'll end up too demanding like her father. or worse, cold like her mother.

carries candy, granola bars, a notebook and a slew of colored pens everywhere

loves travel, art, music, other creative people, drinks, drinks with extra ice, well made coffee, mexican food, being fun and funny

HAS four TATTOOS: "find yourself a new frontier, because life is going going gone" under her bra line, an arrow on the inside of her left forearm, AN ELEPHANT ON HER HIP, AND A SMALL WHALE ON THE INSIDE OF HER RIGHT ANKLE. THEY'RE FOR HER PARENTS.

has realized that life is too short to give a fuck about most things - so she tries hard to take things as they go.

graduated from Fordham university with a degree in creative writing.

hasn't talked to her parents since her failed engagement. it may be better that way.